General Questions

1. Can I download the data of a specific chart?

Yes, of course. By using the Crosstab download.

More info here: Download data using Crosstab


2. Can I save my usual views, so I don’t need to reset every time after opening the dashboard?

Yes, sure. Please find the View-Button in the toolbar and you can create/save multiple views

More info here: Create your own dashboard templates


3. Can I go back one step after the selection?

Yes, sure. Please find the Undo-Button in the toolbar.

Please check other Toolbar Functions here:Toolbar Functions


4. Is there an easy way to make the drill up/down (+/-) button appear or stay appear?

Unfortunately, Tableau does not support this.

One tip is to remember to hover over the “time-axis” to make the button appear.


5. I am trying to export a chart that has a scroll bar. The result however only displays the visible part. How can I download the entire chart? 

You can get a whole view by selecting Unspecified for Page Size: 

Go to Download and select PDF. In the Export PDF dialog box, make the following selections, and then click Download:

  • Layout: Portrait
  • Content: Sheets in Dashboard
  • Paper Size: Unspecified
  • Scaling: Automatic



6. Can I download (export) multiple sheets of data at a time?

Unfortunately at the moment, you can only download one worksheet at a time on a dashboard as a csv/excel file.


7. I filtered the dashboard by clicking on the image. How can I undo it?

Solution1: Unfilter by clicking on the same elements again. 

Solution2: Use the Undo button on the toolbar to back to the last operation. 


8. Can I download the data of the pop-up windows of the Map and the Carrier(s) table in the Shipping Volumes dashboard? 

Yes, you can. The pop-up windows are named as “details_of_[the name of the chart]”.

Use crosstab to download the ”details_of_map_carriers_shipping options” or “details_of_carrier(s)_table” sheet.



9. Can I make lasso selections on a Map?

Yes, sure! In the upper-left corner of the view, the view toolbar allows you to zoom in and out, pan the view, and select data marks.











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