SOAP API Reference

This article introduces you to Paazl's SOAP API, and provides links to more detailed articles.


  • We advise you to use the PHP 5 SOAP client
  • While integrating the Paazl platform of products and services with a third-party system, we strongly recommend that you follow defensive programming best practices


Each request to Paazl's SOAP web service is an XML/SOAP message submitted using HTTP. All requests require authentication, meaning that a valid token must be sent with a request in order to authorize the requester to access Paazl resources.

Read Soap authentication for more information.

WSDL files


The WSDL URL for your Paazl staging (= acceptance testing) account is:


The WSDL URL for your Paazl production account is:

SOAP API call overview

The following calls are available.

Status and error codes

To each request the API returns a response. The response differs per request. In case of an error, an error-response will be returned. In each case the structure will be identical and at least contains an error code and a description of the error (see Error Responses).

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