SOAP authentication

For authentication purposes, each request has to be provided with an SHA-1 encrypted code. The string you need to hash differs in format from call to call. The differences have to do with which substrings are concatenated in order to create the hash string.

For example, say the string you need to hash is a concatenation of the following substrings:

<Webshop ID> + <Integration password> + <Order reference>

These substrings have the following values:

Webshop ID: 123

Password: abcdefghi

Order reference: Ref00001

The string to hash would then be: 123abcdefghiRef00001

The various hash string formats that apply to Paazl's SOAP API calls, and the definitions of the various substrings, are given in the two tables below.

Hash string formats

SOAP API call Substrings
  • address
  • cencelShipment
  • changeOrder
  • checkout
  • checkoutStatus
  • commitOrder
  • deleteOrder
  • deliveryEstimate
  • generateExtraPdfLabel
  • generateExtraPdfReturnLabel
  • generateLabels
  • generatePdfLabels
  • generatePdfReturnLabels
  • generateShippingManifest
  • generateZplLabels
  • getExistingPdfLabel
  • getExistingPdfLabels
  • getExistingZplLabels
  • order
  • orderDetails
  • orderStatus
  • rate
  • shippingOption
  • updateOrder
<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <order reference>
  • addExistingShipment
  • listOrders
  • listStores
<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <current date: YYYYMMDD>
  • servicePoints

<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <country>

<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <country> + <postal code>

<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <southWest.latitude>

  • createPickup

<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <internal reference>

  • createStores
  • deleteStores
  • updateStores
<webshop ID> + <Integration password> + <store code>
  • triggerCarrierRegistration
<webshop ID> + <integration password>
  • generateShippingManifest
<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <manifest start date>
  • openBatch
<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <carrier code> + <shipping option> + <country code> + <current date: YYYYMMDD>

Substring definitions

Substring Definition
Webshop ID

Paazl’s internal code for your webshop. You will find it in your Paazl web app account under Integration>SOAP API

Integration password Your webshop's integration password. You will find it in your Paazl web app account under Integration>SOAP API
Internal reference "internal ref" specified in "createPickupRequest" call itself (specified by webshop)
Order reference

This the the order reference you assign to an order using the order or commitOrder call

You may not want to provide a webshop order with a definitive reference until the ordering process is complete. Because Paazl always requires an order reference of some kind, you can, when submitting an order call, give the order a temporary reference that differs from the definitive one. You can change this reference to the definitive one when submitting the commitOrder call.

Store code This the the code you assigned to a stare using the createStores call
Carrier code A list of Paazl carrier codes is available on Paazl's online help.
Shipping option

You will the codes for the shipping options you have contracted from your carrier(s) in your Paazl web app account under Carriers > Shipping options

Current date This is today's date. The format is "YYYYMMDD"
Country code The ISO 3166-2 code for the country of a shipping destination
Postal code The postal code of a shipping destination
Manifest start date The start date of a shipping manifest

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