Integrating the Generic Carrier interface

This article explains how to integrate the Generic Carrier interface. About the Generic Carrier interface provides the context for this integration.

Once you (the carrier) have integrated the interface, Paazl will send a registration file for each confirmed webshop order. It will do so when the order's shipment labels are generated either via the webshop's Paazl account or via a SOAP or REST API call. Paazl will also expect you to supply a tracking file for each delivery status change.

To integrate the Generic Carrier interface, you need to set up two separate folders on an (S)FTP server: one to receive registration files from Paazl, and one from which Paazl can pick up tracking files.

Once you have set up the interface on your end, supply Paazl Customer Support with the following information:

  • The (S)FTP-server hostname
  • The name of the folder for incoming registration files
  • The name of the folder for tracking files. Paazl deletes processed tracking files.
  • (Optional) Credentials (username, password) to access the folders. It is recommended that you use a single set of credentials for all folders and that you provide those same credentials to all webshops making use of your services. If you use SFTP, Paazl will provide you with a public key.

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