About the Generic Carrier interface

The Generic Carrier is an XML over (S)FTP Interface that is intended for innovative start-up carriers that are seeking to increase their market share by integrating with Paazl. It provides a two-way service by registering orders with your own order management system and then feeding it with real-time tracking information. Once you have been integrated with Paazl, your carrier will be accessible to all Paazl customers who have a contract with you.

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Interface features

Paazl's Generic Carrier Interface supports the following functionality:

  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Same-day, next-day, and nominated (preferred) delivery
  • COD
  • Insurance
  • Carrier name and logo on labels
  • Status updates & email notifications


  • After a label has been generated, Paazl sends a preregistration file to the carrier (S)FTP folder within 10 minutes.
  • Paazl polls for status changes every 30 minutes.

Shipping option names

Paazl configures contracts and shipping options for the webshops you service. Paazl uses a mutually agreed on code for each shipping option that you (the carrier) offer. It is up to you to supply Paazl Customer Support with the shipping option name that matches each code. For example, if "SFEB" is the shipping option code then you need to inform Paazl that it's descriptive name is "Super fast e-bike". You should use an MS Excel spreadsheet to supply Paazl with a mapping of codes to descriptive names.

The webshop determines how your shipping option is displayed in a webshop's check-out. To do this, it can use one of two methods:


Carrier logos

To have your logo appear in Paazl's Checkout widget, Paazl Perfect and on Paazl.com's carrier page, send it to Paazl Customer Support. The following requirements apply to logos:

  • Checkout widget: send one logo
    • Logo has to be a vector image (either SVG or .EPS format)
    • Logo has to be square
  • Paazl Perfect: send two logos
    • For mobile devices: One small logo: 17x17px or 34x34px (Retina @2x small)
    • For desktops: 25x25px or 50x50px (Retina @2x small)

Shipping labels

Paazl generates shipping labels that webshops can print and affix to parcels. For generic carriers, Paazl prints a standard shipping label containing the following information:

  • Sender details
  • Consignee name and address
  • (Optional) Additional delivery information
  • A Code 128 barcode and an order reference number


Integrating the Generic Carrier Interface does not require Paazl development resources. Consequently, all integration questions should be sent to Paazl Customer Support. On rare occasions (e.g. during an escalation or an approved feature request), a Paazl product owner will join the support team.

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