Customizing email templates

This article explains how to customize the email notifications that are sent to your customers at various stages in the delivery process. You can send a different email notification for each status change in the delivery process. Paazl provides you with default templates for each notification, which you customize in an HTML editor. You can customize notifications for specific carriers and specific languages. The templates also make use of macros, allowing you to insert variables (recipient, delivery date, etc.) into the text.

See About Paazl delivery status codes for more information on the various status changes of the delivery process.

See Configuring notifications for an explanation of how to specify when notifications are sent.

Check out our Email templates video tutorial for an introduction to customizing your email notifications.


The language of the template will be the same as that defined in the language element of the commitOrder API request call. If this tag is not filled with a value, Paazl will determine the language from the postal code of the recipient. If all else fails, Paazl will send the notification in English.


If you do not fill an email address for the sender in the notification, Paazl will use the value you entered in the "Default sender email address" field in under Carriers > Notifications. If you leave that field empty too, Paazl will use

How to customize a template

To customize your notification templates, follow the steps below.







Testing your template

To test your template, follow the steps below.


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