About Paazl delivery status codes

This article explains what the various Paazl delivery statuses mean. The schematic diagram on this page shows the status changes that cause Paazl to send Track & Trace notifications during the shipping process.

Configuring notifications explains how to configure the notifications your webshop sends to customers.


Delivery status Status code Explanation
  LABELS_NOT_CREATED An order's initial status, before labels have been generated or scanned

The label concerned has been deleted.


You cannot delete a label once it has been scanned,


The label of the parcel concerned has been generated and the shipment has been registered with the carrier. The order is in your warehouse awaiting shipment.

"CREATED" is an order status. "LABELS_CREATED", "PREREGISTERED" and "READY_TO_POST" are label statuses.

When sorted by carrier SCANNED The parcel concerned has been picked up by your carrier and scanned  in its sorting center.
Out for delivery UITLEVERING Delivery of the parcel concerned is underway.


Not all carriers provide this status information.

Delivered DELIVERED The parcel concerned has been delivered to the shipping address.
Delivered at pickup point AVAILABLE_AT_PICKUP_POINT The parcel concerned is ready for pick-up at the pick-up location concerned.


Remind your customers to bring a valid ID to the pick-up location.

Delivered at neighbours DELIVEREDBB The parcel concerned has been delivered at a neighbor's address.


Currently, there are no carriers that specify this address.

Picked up at pickup point PICKEDUP The parcel concerned has been picked up.
Consignee was not at home NOT_AT_HOME The parcel concerned could not be delivered because there was no-one at home to receive it.
Undeliverable MANCO Either the parcel concerned has been physically damaged or its shipping label does not contain sufficient information.
Return RETOUR The order is being returned by your customer.
  UNKNOWN The delivery status of the parcel concerned is currently unknown. It could be that the parcel is being held for review or while awaiting clarification, or it could be that the parcel's label was scanned without the shipment having been registered or vice versa. Please contact your carrier for more information.
  READY_TO_POST Applies to deliveries using the postal service (i.e. not a carrier)

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