Salesforce Cartridge 23.2.0


Release 23.2.0 contains several new features that have been embedded in our Cartridge. The latest version can be found on our github page.


  What's changed
New Widget sortingModels It is now possible to sort each tab (delivery, pudo or store) of our checkout widget on price, distance, date or carrier. In 23.2.0. admin configuration panels have been added to the Salesforce backend.
Add locker tab to Widget

It is now possible to activate a 4th tab that can be used to display locker options in the checkout. Activation is done in salesforce backend, in Paazl admin screen. More information can be found on our support page.

Add new metaDataArray If Paazl's General Identifier is configured in the platform, it will result in an metaDataArray in the salesforce order, with the following tag:
Remove deprecated API method  Redundant addressRequest function has been removed due to useage of SHA-1 method, which is deprecated by Salesforce. 
Improved initialization method for widget initialization via postal code field

In default, the widget reinitializes when the customer enters his/her postal code and then clicks anywhere else in the checkout page. This could result in customers not being able to continue in the checkout, if the first click after postal code is to continue to next step in checkout.

We have now added a toggle that changes this behaviour. When the customer enters his/her postal code, the widget will re-initialize after 1 second to ensure for a more seamless checkout journey.


This functionality can be activated by using the newly added dropdown in the salesforce cartridge, named "paazlWidgetRefreshZipStopTyping"


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