This article provides a brief overview of how Shopware works together with Paazl. Refer to about Paazl for an overview of Paazl itself and how it interacts with webshops, warehouses, carriers and customers.

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Paazl Checkout Widget

The Paazl checkout widget is ideal for webshops that want a quick and easy way of presenting their customers with greater delivery choice to help increase conversion. Simply add a few lines of code to your checkout page and you’re up and running. The widget is also a great solution for webshops (and departments in larger companies) that don’t have the resources for large-scale integrations.

The widget provides you with a stylish way of offering your customers more delivery choice (same day, nominated day, delivery time ranges), real-time delivery estimates, and order growth through the use of free-shipping thresholds. You can also customize it to suit your webshop’s branding.

By using the Paazl Shopware extension, you can “plug ‘n play” the checkout widget into your Shopware webshop.



Configuring Paazl in Shopware

This article explains how to configure Paazl’s checkout widget extension in Shopware.

You can configure how Paazl behaves in Shopware, including its styling. To access the Paazl Checkout Widget configuration page, log into Shopware and go to Extensions>My extensions>Paazl checkout widget, after which you can select configuration by clicking the 3 dots on the right.


The Paazl configuration panels consists of 4 segments:

  • - API Details: Contains all settings related to the API connection.
  • - Widget: Contains all settings related to the functionality and styling of the widget.
  • - Defaults: Contains all settings related to default initialization options.
  • - Advanced settings: Contains functionality to enter an custom CSS style sheet.

Most of the settings in the segment speak for themselves. Furthermore, you can find a short description per setting by hovering over the blue question mark button.


The settings that require a bit more work or background are explained below.

Authentication & authorization

Paazl maximizes the security of your webshop’s order process by using the three-legged OAuth 2.0 authentication in which the “API secret” (private key) is only known to your webshop. Your customers can only access the “API key” (Public key).

See Authentication & Authorization for an explanation of how Paazl’s three-legged OAuth 2.0 authentication works and how to generate API keys. The generated keys are consequently entered in the “API details” segment in the configuration panel to enable the extension to interact with Paazl’s platform. The keys can then be validated via the build-in “Check Credentials” button.

Checkout Widget Style

Paazl has several predefined widget styles that you can use to match your webshops branding. In the “Widget” segment, via the “checkout Widget Style” button each available predefined style can be found and activated.

Besides predefined styles, Paazl also lets you specify your own customized body and header fonts, font sizes, weights, colors and borders. The Checkout Widget Styling parameters listed in Paazl’s Online support can be copied and pasted to the Shopware configuration page and then edited. Styling the Paazl checkout widget provides visual examples of what each parameter does.  

The custom CSS sheet can be found in the “advanced settings” segment in the Shopware configuration panel.

Free shipping

In the “advanced settings” segment you can find the “Free shipping enabled” button. If activated an extra textbox appears, where the designated matrix letter can be entered. If promotions are activated and applied, the matrix will use this letter to initialize the widget.

Specifying shipping options

At the start of each checkout session the Paazl widget will initialize and sent 2 API requests, named shippingOptions and pickupLocations to determine possible shipping options and delivery times.

You must configure the Paazl platform to send the right shipping options to Shopware. For this purpose, Paazl offers you a powerful tool called the “Delivery Matrix”. Delivery Matrices enable you to specify the shipping options and shipping rates that apply to particular product categories based on the product characteristics such as size, weight and value.

Whenever Paazl receives a request for shipping options from Shopware, Paazl will go through the various columns of the delivery matrix concerned until it reaches the first one that exactly matches the product in your customer’s checkout basket. It then looks for the shipping option(s), and rate(s) that you have specified for that product column and sends them back to Shopware for display.

See about delivery matrices for more information how delivery matrices work.

Configuring products in Shopware

Shopware products can be configured with properties that are used during the checkout session to determine the available delivery options and delivery times. When accessing the product detail segment, specific measurements and packaging can be filled via the “Specifications” tab.

The measurements and packaging fields are linked to the corresponding API fields in the shippingOptions and pickupLocations requests.

Furthermore, specific number of Processing Days can be set up via the “Paazl” tab. Processing days are used to calculate extra processing time that is needed for delivery. E.g. if you have an item that needs to be produced on demand, the processing days will be used to calculate the first possible delivery date for the customer.

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