About Salesforce CC and Paazl

About Salesforce CC and Paazl

This article provides a brief overview of how SalesForce works together with Paazl. Refer to About Paazl for an overview of Paazl itself and how it interacts with webshops, warehouses, carriers and customers.

How to install Paazl in SFCC is explained in Installing Paazl's extension for SFCC SFRA and Installing Paazl's extension for SFCC SiteGenesis. What to do after installation is explained in Configuring Paazl in Salesforce CC.


Paazl only supports the most recent version of its extension for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This is because customer requests regarding functionality and bug fixes related to former versions are usually solved in later versions. The current version of the extension is 1.1.

Paazl Checkout widget

The Paazl checkout widget is ideal for webshops that want a quick and easy way of presenting their customers with greater delivery choice to help increase conversion. All you have to do is add a few lines of code to your checkout page and you're up and running. The widget is also a great solution for webshops (and departments in larger companies) that don't have the resources for large-scale integrations.

The widget provides you with a stylish way of offering your customers more delivery choice (same day, nominated day, delivery time ranges), real-time delivery estimates, and order growth through the use of free-shipping thresholds. You can also customize it to suit your webshop's branding.

Using the Paazl SalesForce extension, you can "plug 'n play" the Checkout widget into your SalesForce webshop.

Configuring and styling

You can configure how Paazl behaves in Salesforce CC including its styling. Configuring Paazl in Salesforce CC explains how to configure and style the extension and Styling the Paazl checkout widget provides visual examples of what each style parameter does.

Specifying shipping options

You have to configure Paazl to send the right shipping options to SalesForce. For this purpose, Paazl offers you a powerful tool called the "Delivery Matrix". Delivery matrices enable you to specify the shipping options and shipping rates that apply to particular product categories based on product characteristics such as size, weight and value.

Whenever Paal receives a request for shipping options for SalesForce, Paazl will go through the various columns of the delivery matrix concerned until it reaches the first one that exactly matches the product in your customer's shopping basket. It then looks for the shipping option(s) and rate(s) that you have specified for that product column, and sends them back to SalesForce for display.

See About delivery matrices for more information on how delivery matrices work.

Other Paazl functionality

In addition to the Delivery Matrix, Paazl also enables you to configure various settings in your webshop account that allow you to control how Paazl calculates the delivery date of a shipment, the track & trace notifications it sends, and the shipping options that you may want to display at various times of day.

You can also manage your orders in Paazl, which shows their real-time status and which allows you to print an order's shipping labels.

Refer to the following articles in Paazl's online help to learn what Paazl can do for you.

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