Configuring special dates

Configuring special dates

This article explains how to specify exceptions to the standard days on which carriers pick up orders from your warehouse.

The "Special dates" page is where you specify exceptions to the standard settings you configured on the Delivery dates page with respect to when carriers pick up orders from your warehouse. Paazl takes the settings on this page into account when calculating possible delivery days.

Three commonly occurring scenarios where you may want to do this are:

  • You need to specify a holiday such as Christmas or New Years Day on which a carrier will not be picking up orders
  • You need to create an extra pick-up date for a carrier: for example, the carrier normally picks up orders on Monday through Friday, but now the carrier is also going to pick up on a specific Saturday because of Black Friday
  • Your warehouse is going to have a special day off and you need to tell Paazl that pick-up will not be possible on that date


The carriers and shipping options that you see on this page are those for which you have specified pick-up days in the "Delivery dates" page.

To specify exceptions to carrier pick-up days, log into your Paazl web app account and follow the steps below. In this example, we create an extra pick-up date.







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