This article contains the technical specifications of Paazl's SOAP API deleteStores call.

Use this call to delete Click & Collect stores from your Paazl web app account.


Element specifications

Element Type Required? Description
webshop long Yes

The Webshop ID of your main webshop. You will find this in the Paazl UI under Settings > My Account

targetWebshop long No

If you use multiple webshops, this is the webshop ID of a child webshop (.a.k.a. Paazl sub-account). You will find it in the Paazl web app account of the child webshop concerned under Settings > My Account.

The hash you create using the webshop ID of your parent webshop (a.k.a. main account) will give you access to its child webshops as well.

store complex element Yes

Contains details of the store you want to delete

code String(255) Yes

The unique code that you assigned to the store that you are deleting

hash String(255) Yes

An SHA-1 encrypted authentication code. The string you encrypt is a concatenation of the following substrings:

<webshop ID> + <integration password> + <store code>


Webshop ID: "123"

Integration password: "myPassword"

Store code: "Store12"

String to encrypt: "123myPasswordStore12"

Sample request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""


Element specifications

Element Type Required Description
code String Yes

The unique codes that you assigned to the stores that you deleted

Sample response

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
<deleteStoresResponse xmlns="">

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