SOAP status and error codes

This article explains what the various Paazl SOAP API status codes mean.


Make sure you check for a success response or an error response every time you send a request to Paazl's SOAP API web service.

Sample error response

Paazl's SOAP API error response XML has the following format.

<errorResponse xmlns="">
      <message>no valid hash</message>



The error codes below are those generated by Paazl. It is possible that carriers also generate their own error codes.

Code Explanation

No valid hash

The hash is usually incorrect because the string you hashed to get the SH-1 hash code is incorrect. See SOAP authorization for an explanation of how to correctly format strings for hashing.

1001 The submitted webshop ID is unknown.

No order found with given reference

What to do

Make sure that the order reference you have submitted exists in your webshop.

The carrier concerned may be an unsupported Cassandra carrier. Contact Paazl Customer Support to find out which Cassandra carriers are supported


An order with this reference already exists

If you receive this message after submitting an order API request—which creates new orders—you may want to use the updateOrder API call.


The zipcode and house number combination does not exist


Paazl validates Dutch addresses using the database. New addresses may not yet be in the database. Paazl will then return an error message. You can either register the address concerned with or switch off address validation here


The status of this order is unknown

Contact Paazl Customer Support.

1006 No total amount for the order is submitted
1007 The total amount submitted is in the wrong format (e.g. non-numeric)
1008 A unknown country code is submitted
1009 The assured amount is not submitted
1010 The assured amount is incorrect (minimum of 500, maximum of 5000, multiple of 500)
1011 The maximum amount of labels is incorrect

Incorrect notification service for the servicepoint submitted.

You are required to submit an email address (servicepointNotificationEmail) or a mobile phone number (servicepointNotificationMobile)


There are no shipping options available.

Possibly no shipping options are assigned to you Paazl account. Another reason may be that the matrix configurations are incorrect.

1014 The telephone number required for DPD ‘before 10.00’ and ‘12.00’ -shipments is not submitted.
1015 This shipment requires a valid customs value.
1016 Distributor replied with an error message

This type of shipment requires each product to be fully defined

This error code will be returned in case a Fedex or Dynalogic shipment did not come with the required package content values

1018 This shipping option does not support date preference
1019 Invalid date specified for this shipping option

Labels have already been generated for this (Dynalogic) order and cannot be regenerated.

A Dynalogic shipment can only be pre-registered /printed once.

1021 This order requires a non zero order weight
1022 This order requires a description
1023 Invalid license key supplied
1024 This order cannot be changed
1025 This order contains errors
1026 Delivery Date module is inactive
1027 This order requires an e-mail address
1028 No such barcode
1029 Labels for this shipment cannot be regenerated
1030 Invalid or missing shipping option
1031 No pickup request options available
1032 Invalid or missing pickup window
1033 This pickup contains errors
1034 No such distributor
1035 No such pickup request
1036 No such pickup request option
1037 This pickup cannot be cancelled

This code can be accompanied by a variety of error messages

What to do

Missing parameter - make sure all the parameters required by the call have been given a value

Invalid barcode - make sure that you have specified a barcode and that it has a length of less than 255 characters

Invalid number of shipments - make sure you have specified at least 1 shipment and no more than 20

Invalid number of parcels - make sure you have specified at least 1 parcel and no more than 15

Invalid tracking number - make sure that you have specified a tracking number and that it has a length of less than 255 characters

Invalid dispatch number - make sure that you have specified a dispatch number and that it has a length of less than 255 characters

Invalid webshop - make you have specified webshop id and that it consists of positive numeric characters

1039 No delivery estimates available
1040 No shipping options available after filter
1041 Invalid distributor
1042 No compatible open shipment batch available
1043 No such shipment batch
1044 This shipment batch has already been closed
1045 Ambiguous delivery estimate request
1046 Package content determines package count
1047 Invalid or missing changed since date
1048 Upstream server error
1049 Invalid destination
1050 Invalid or missing service point code
1051 Invalid or missing service point account number
1052 No checkout session available for this order

Missing permission

What to do

Contact Paazl Customer Support to have the feature concerned enabled.

1054 No barcode given
1055 No proof of delivery document available
1056 Invalid daterange
1057 Order changed by concurrent request
1058 Unsupported operation

Parcel already exists

What to do

Make sure the parcel code you enter isn't the same as a previous parcel code in the addExistingShipment request or doesn't already exist in Paazl.


Parcel processing failure

What to do

Check the addExistingShipment response to see which parcels failed. These will be indicated by a barcode and order reference. If the problem is due to a duplicate barcode, you will have to supply the parcel with a unique barcode in or delete it from the request.

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