Working with orders in WooCommerce

This article explains how to update an order Paazl status and print shipping labels with Paazl in WooCommerce.

To access the overview of your webshop orders, log into your WooCommerce Admin account and click "WooCommerce". The order page is the first to appear.


Order status updates

All orders are automatically updated with the latest Paazl status by the WordPress Cron system. The status is cached for an hour, after which the status of an order is automatically updated again when you open any screen in WordPress. The status of an order is also updated when you open it by clicking on the order name.


As explained in Configuring Paazl in WooCommerce, you can use the "Update order status" setting to have an order's status automatically changed to "Completed" once you have printed its shipping label.

Printing shipping labels

To print the shipping labels of one or more orders, follow the steps below.



You can also print an order from within the order itself.



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