Configuring Paazl in WooCommerce

This article explains how to configure Paazl settings in WooCommerce.

General settings

To configure Paazl in WooCommerce, log in to your WooCommerce Admin account and follow the steps below.



Setting Explanation
Active This setting activates or deactivates Paazl in your webshop

This setting connects your webshop to one of your Paazl web app accounts.

  • "Staging" connects to Paazl's acceptance testing enviroment
  • "Production" connects to Paazl's production enviroment
Integration to use This setting activates or deactivates Paazl Perfect in your webshop.
Credentials The credentials you provide authenticate and authorize your webshop to work with your Paazl web app account. These are the integration credentials of your Paazl web app account in the environment concerned. You will find them both in your web app account under Settings > My account

Title The text you enter will be displayed above the shipping options in your webshop checkout
Use collo shipments (where applicable)

This setting affects how the individual package labels in the shipment are numbered.

Example: say you have a shipment consisting of three packages and you select "Yes", then the labels will be numbered 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. If you select "No", they will be numbered 1/1, 1/1, 1/1.

Base shipping rates on product price This setting indicates whether or not the product prices in your webshop include or exclude VAT
Maximum label amount

This setting indicates the total number of labels that will be printed for a shipment.

If you don't specify a number, Paazl will print a label for each product in your webshop's shopping basket.

The default value is 1.

Insured value If extra insurance applies, this setting indicates the default insured value of a shipment.
Update order status

This setting indicates whether an order's status should be set to "Complete" once its shipping label has been printed.

  • "Yes" indicates that the order's status should be set to "Complete"
  • "No" indicates that the order's status should not be to "Complete"
Shipping label module

If yo select one of the shipping label formats displayed, Paazl will print the labels in the selected format. Otherwise, shipping labels will be integrated with their corresponding packing slip.

Displayed error message


Show Paazl-specific error message Deprecated

Assign Paazl to (geographic) zones

In order to be able to use Paazl shipping options, you have to activate them for the specific geographic zones you intend to ship to.

To activate shipping options for a geographic zone, log in to your WooCommerce Admin account and follow the steps below.






Shipping option settings

There are two WooCommerce settings that you can configure, and that affect how Paazl shipping options are displayed in your WooCommerce webshop. Both settings are optional.

  • “Enable the shipping calculator”: WooCommerce will display the applicable shipping option with the lowest rate in your webshop's shopping cart (i.e. before your customer has typed in an address). It does this based on the country in which the customer's browser is located
  • “Hide shipping costs until an address is …”: shipping rates will only be displayed once a customers' addresses are known, either because they have logged into their accounts, or because they have typed in an address manually

To access these settings, log in to your WooCommerce Admin account and follow the steps below.




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