About WooCommerce and Paazl

This article provides a brief overview of how WooCommerce works together with Paazl.

Paazl's WooCommerce extension was developed by Webstack. You can use the functionality to supply delivery options to your customers, print shipping labels, and view an order's status.


In order to be able to use Paazl's extension for WooCommerce:

  • Make sure you are running at least PHP 5.3
  • Make sure the PHP SOAP extension is installed and enabled by default


If you need help configuring Paazl within WooCommerce, feel free to contact Paazl Customer Support. However, if you experience any problems with the functioning of the extension itself—in particular conflicts with other extensions— you'll have to contact Webstack.

In particular, When a general conflict arises with another extension, Webstack can help you fix the issue and have both extensions cooperate. Webstack will charge you on a per hour basis

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