Configuring WooCommerce product parameters

This article explains how to configure product data in order to provide specific product details to carriers. For a number of carriers, some of the data parameters are required.

These data are primarily used to determine the correct delivery matrix as configured by you in your Paazl web app account. In some cases, product details are also forwarded to the carrier concerned.

To configure the data variables of your various products, log in to WooCommerce web app account, and follow the steps below.



Parameter Explanation

A one- or two-letter code identifying the delivery matrix column to start with when determining the appropriate shipping option and rate. See Configuring delivery matrices for an explanation of how delivery matrices work.

Volume (m3) The volume of the shipment, including packaging
Processing days The number of days that you need to get a product ready for shipment in your warehouse.
Customs description

This is required for UPS and Fedex shipping options.

Country of manufacture This is required for Fedex shipping options.
Packages per unit The number of packages in a shipment
HS-rate code The HS code for the commodity category of the product concerned.



Data variable Explanation
Weight This is required for UPS shipping options.
Dimensions These are required for DHL Express shipping options.
Shipping class Paazl is used for shipping , so set this variable to "No shipping class"

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