Configuring Lightspeed product parameters

This article explains how to configure product parameters in order to provide specific product details to carriers. For a number of carriers, some of the parameters are required.

This parameters are primarily used to determine the correct delivery matrix as configured by you in your Paazl web app account. In some cases, product details are also forwarded to the carrier concerned.

Where to configure product parameters

To edit a product's parameters, log in to Lightspeed Admin and follow the steps below to get to the product parameters configuration page.





Product parameters

All the parameters in the table below are optional in principle. However they are required for the following shipping options:

  • DHL Time Definite
  • Dynalogic
  • TSN
  • UPS Paperless Invoices

To understand how each parameter will affect the shipping option displayed, see About delivery matrices.

Parameter Explanation
Gewicht (weight) The weight of the order; this has to be greater than 0.
Volume The volume of the order
Afmetingen (Dimensions) The order's dimensions.
Breedte (width) The order's width
Hoogte (height) The order's height
Diepte (length) The order's length
Matrix This is the letter of the delivery matrix that Paazl will start from when determining which shipping option applies to the order.
Colli (Multi-package shipment)

This is the number of labels that has to be printed.

The default value is 1.

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