Configuring Paazl in Lightspeed

This article explains how to configure Paazl settings in Lightspeed.

The Paazl "Settings" page

To configure Paazl in Lightspeed, follow the steps below.





Setting Explanation
Mode This is the Paazl environment your Lightspeed implementation connects to.
Webshop ID

This is your webshop's ID in your Paazl web app account. You will find it in your web app account under Settings > My account


This is the integration password for your Lightspeed implementation. You will find it in your Paazl web app account under Settings > My account

Use collo when printing shipping labels

A "collo" shipment is a multi-package shipment. If you have such shipments, choose the package numbering style you want on shipping labels. For example (assuming a shipment with three separate packages):

On.png gives three labels numbered "1/3", "2/3", "3/3"

Off.png gives three labels numbered "1/1", "1/1", "1/1"

Paazl Perfect aanzetten in de checkout Paazl Perfect is a pop-up which displays a variety of shipping options to home addresses and pickup locations. It also displays a map showing the pickup locations closest to your customer's home address. See About Paazl Perfect for more information.
Omschrijf producten

Provide a description of the goods being shipped. This is required by some carriers, such as UPS.


Type in the VAT rate (if any) that applies to shipping rates.

Land van afkomst Select the default country of origin for shipments.
Maximaliseer labels

Select the maximum number of labels that can be printed for a given shipment.


If you do not assign a value to this setting, you will get as many labels as you have items in your shopping bag. We recommend that you assign the value 1.

Verzekerd bedrag

Type in the amount (in Euros) for which you want to insure shipments. This is an amount you have agreed upon with the carrier concerned.

The default value is €500.


This setting is not relevant for all shipping options


Paazl uses standard codes for the various carriers and their shipping options. This field allows you to provide the carriers and shipping options with a name of your choosing. The syntax for customizing a shipping option's name is:

[Paazl code] [custom name]

There is a space between the Paazl code and custom name. Type each carrier and shipping option code on a new line.

Paazl carrier codes lists Paazl's standard codes for the various carriers. You will find the codes of the shipping options available to you in your Paazl web app account under Carriers > Shipping options.

Example: The Paazl code for PostNL is "AVG". If you type in AVG PostNL overdag on its own line, AVG will be displayed as "PostNL overdag"


Custom translations

Custom translations are a standard feature of Lightspeed, which you can use to translate checkout labels such as "Delivery" or "Pick-up" into various languages. To access this function, simply append custom_translations to your Lightspeed admin URL.

For example, if your Lightspeed admin URL is:   


You would change it to:


This will bring you to the following screen, where you can add the translation:


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