Push API error messages

This article explains what the various Push API error messages mean.

If Paazl fails to send a status update message, it will email you one of two types of error notification: a message that something went wrong on the Paazl side (a server-side error), or a message that something went wrong on your side (a client-side error).


You will need to configure Paazl with the email address to send the notifications to. Configuring the Push API describes how to do this.

Paazl errors

If something goes wrong on the Paazl side, you will receive a notification containing a Paazl exception.


Contact Paazl Customer Support if you receive such a message.

Webshop errors


You have to return an HTTP 200 status code if a Push request is successful. If your server returns anything other than a HTTP 200 status code it will assume that the Push request concerned has failed. It will send you an error message and its retry-policy will kick in.

A common mistake is to not send any response at all, or, for example when order creation fails in your webshop, to pass an internal webshop error back to Paazl's Push API. Please make sure you return an HTTP 200 status code if Paazl has successfully sent you an update, regardless of what your webshop does with that update.

Error message

If something goes wrong on your side, you will receive an email notification containing the HTML status code that your server returns.


Configuring the Push API describes where you can specify the email address you want the notifications sent to.

Retry policy

If something goes wrong on your side, Paazl will make seven attempts to resend the status update message over a period of 24 hours. The interval between the attempts increases exponentially as shown in the table below.


If Paazl has not been able to successfully send messages for 24 hours, the messages concerned will be lost.

Retry Interval (h, min, s) Interval (ms)
1 1s 1,000
2 6.46s 6,460
3 41.8s 41,731
4 4.5min 269,586
5 29min 1,741,526
6 3h 12s 11,250,261
7 20h 14min 72,676,684

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