Configuring Paazl Perfect


If you need help configuring Paazl Perfect, feel free to contact Paazl Customer Support. Due to rapidly changing technologies, the Paazl technology "Paazl Perfect" is "End of Life". This means we will support existing customers using Paazl Perfect, but that it will no longer receive updates or improvements. Instead we recommend you take a look at our Paazl checkout widget.

This article explains how to configure the look and feel of Paazl Perfect in your webshop checkout.

The Paazl Perfect configuration page enables you to control the following elements of your display.

  • Display options
  • Nominated day
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Store logo
  • Available languages
  • Shipping option translations

These are each explained below.

To access the Paazl Perfect configuration page, log in to your Paazl web app account and follow the steps below.




Display options

This section groups together a variety of settings .


Setting Explanation

Specifies the currency symbol that is displayed next to the shipping rates you configured in your delivery matrix.

You have two options here:

  • Fixed - Select this option if you want Paazl Perfect to display the same currency symbol no matter what the destination country is. You select the currency from the "Fixed Currency" dropdown menu
  • Local - Select this option if you want Paazl Perfect to display the currency of the destination country concerned
Fixed currency If you have selected "Fixed" in the "Currency" menu, Paazl Perfect will display the currency symbol you select here no matter what the destination country is.
Show shipping costs as

This determines how shipping rates and possible surcharges—e.g. for evening delivery—are displayed.

  • Total: Select this option if you want Paazl Perfect to display shipping costs and surcharges totaled as a single amount
  • Surcharge: Select this option if you want Paazl Perfect to show shipping costs and surcharges as separate amounts
  • Hide shipping costs: Select this option if you don't want shipping costs to be displayed
Delivery date period

This is the period in which you want to display possible delivery dates. You can display delivery date options over the next one, two, three or four weeks.


The more delivery dates you offer, the more shipping options have to be retrieved from Paazl, and, consequently, the higher the performance penalty. We recommend that you display no more than two weeks' worth of dates.

Countdown timer Displays a countdown timer showing hpw much time you left to the cutoff time for the first available delivery day.
Show notifications prompt

Allows Paazl Perfect to prompt for contact details (such as postal code and house number).


If you disable this, Paazl will not be able to pre-register an order if a carrier requires it for international shipping

Nominated day

In the countries listed here, shoppers will be able to specify the day they prefer to have their goods delivered.



This is where you specify the font with which text is displayed in Paazl Perfect.



The ‘Colors’ section enables you to apply your branding colors to Paazl Perfect. Use hexadecimal codes to set the colors. The examples below use the color red to indicate how each setting affects Paazl Perfect's design.









Store logo

Use this section to display your store logo in Paazl Perfect.


Available languages

Specify the languages that appear in the Paazl Perfect display language dropdown menu.



Shipping option translations

These are shipping options that you have activated in your delivery matrix.

Use the "Description" field to give the shipping options your own customized name in each of the available languages, and the "Details" field to provide additional information about the shipping option concerned.


The description is limited to 16 characters.


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