Release 19.10

Release 19.10 contains improvements to the checkout widget, Push API, web application and the Correos and DHL carrier integrations.

Functionality What's changed

Checkout widget

The checkout widget now offers support for DHL Packstation customer numbers in Germany.

Push API

We've made improvements to the validation of the configuration page, which now allows default port numbers to be used in the Push notifications URL.

Web application

The "Surcharge extra parcels" ("collitoeslagen") page was not accessible when only one carrier was configured. This has now been fixed.


We removed phone number validation when committing orders or generating labels. This means it is now always possible to save an order or create a label, even if the phone number is incorrect.

DHL Parcel/DHL Express

New statuses are now mapped, which means that the status of shipments displayed in the web app overview will no longer be "stuck" on a particular status when they have in fact been delivered.

DHL Parcel

The address on the ZPL labels is now dynamic. There will be no more empty lines in addresses.

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