Release 19.08

Release 19.08 contains new REST API functionality, a Checkout widget improvement, new PostNL shipping options and a number of carrier improvements.

Functionality What's changed


A new method has been added to the REST API. You can now save committed order details to the Paazl database using the SAVE order method. This enables you to generate labels and view order details in the Paazl web app.

Checkout widget

The date a package will be available at a pickup point is now displayed so that customers can choose the pickup point that's most convenient for them.


Paazl now offers you three new PostNL shipping options for food deliveries:


Contact Paazl Customer Support to add these to your Paazl account.


  • The SOAP API shippingOptionRequest call now works properly for GLS parcel shops
  • GLS notifications now show the correct delivery day when created after cut-off time


DHL Parcel and DHL For You track & trace links in the web app order overview now work.

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