Importing orders

To import several orders into Paazl at once you need to include the orders in an Excel file and then upload the file to Paazl. It doesn't matter what you call the file, but it must have the .xls extension and not .xlsx. Download the import orders sample file for an example of what the file looks like.


Make sure you remove any header rows and unnecessary worksheets from your Excel file before uploading it! The file must only contain order data.


Should you experience problems importing the file—for example, because it is unclear what data values you need to enter—contact Paazl Customer Support.

Fill in order details in the Excel file as follows.

Excel column Description Required Example
A Addressee surname Required Feuerstein
B Addressee first name Required Friederich
C Addressee other name Optional Bedrock Industries Ltd.
D Addressee country (ISO 3166-2 code) Optional US
E Addressee street (required for addresses outside the Netherlands) Conditional Cobblestone Way
F Addressee city (required for addresses outside the Netherlands) Conditional Bedrock
G Addressee postal code Required 70777
H Addressee house number Required 301
I Addressee house number extension Optional a
J Addressee e-Mail address Optional
K Carrier (this is the code listed in Paazl carrier codes) Required FEDEX
L Shipping option (the identifier code displayed in your Paazl web app account under Carriers > Shipping options) Required INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY
M Cash on delivery / Insured amount Optional 40.20
N Carrier's customer number (required for DHL Pack Stations) Conditional XXX123
O Pickup location name Optional ShipCenter
P Pickup location postal code Optional 10990
Q Pickup location house number Optional 3
R Addressee e-mail Optional
S Addressee mobile phone number Optional (800) 810-0233
T Order reference Required order007
U Number of labels Required 3

Will the shipment be consolidated (i.e. the labels will be printed, for example, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3)? If so, fill in "collo", otherwise leave blank.

Optional collo
W Sender name Required Paazl
X Sender postal code Required 1018LL
Y Sender house number Required 9
Z Sender house number extension Optionql 580
AA Returns name Required Paazl
AB Returns Postal code Required 1018LL
AC Returns House number Required 9
AD Returns House number extension Optional 580
AE Weight (required by some carriers) Conditional 1
AF Description (required by some carriers) Conditional Saber Tooth Tiger ivory
AG Addressee phone number (required by some carriers) Conditional (800) 810-0233
AH Customs value (required for cross-border orders; the default currency is euros) Conditional 50.75
AN Country of manufacture (ISO 3166-2 code; default is "NL") Optional DE
AO Length (cm; required by some carriers for cross-border orders) Conditional 30
AP Width (cm; required by some carriers for cross-border orders) Conditional 20
AQ Height (cm; required by some carriers for cross-border orders) Conditional 10
AT Packaging type (indicates who supplies the packaging; default is "Your Packaging") Optional FEDEX_TUBE
AX Carrier contract number (required if carrier code is not recognized) Conditional 2323232AA


  • The workbook must have the .xls file extension and not the .xlsx file extension
  • The workbook must have a single sheet
  • You can import a maximum of 1,000 orders per sheet
  • Make sure to put house numbers and house number extensions into separate columns
  • The default country code is NL
  • When importing Dutch addresses, only fill in the postal code and house number—the house number extension is optional. Paazl automatically will fill in the street address and city name
  • Make sure your browser doesn't block Paazl pop-ups, otherwise you won't be able to upload the file!


If you are importing shipments for your own custom carrier, fill in 'BLANK' in the carrier column, and 'BLANK_<number>' (e.g. BLANK_1) in the shipping option column.

You will find the identifier for your custom carriers in the web app under Carriers > Shipping options

Once your file is ready, log into your Paazl web app account and follow the steps below.






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