Paazl versioning

This article explains Paazl's software versioning policy for its Checkout widget and REST API.

Each REST endpoint has its own version and the versioning policy goes into effect from the moment a given endpoint version is deprecated. Paazl does not necessarily release a new version every year. An endpoint's version number is indicated by its URL.

Paazl only works with major versions. All subversions within a major version are backwards compatible. Paazl will only ever provide full support for two major versions of its software at the same time. When a new major version is released, the deprecated version will receive limited support for two years before it becomes end of life. After that it will be able to run, without support, for another year. After the third year, the end of life version will no longer run.

Limited support consists of bug fixing and backporting.



This policy does not apply to legacy products such as Paazl Perfect and Paazl's SOAP API.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Paazl Customer Support.

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