About Magento 1 and Paazl

This article provides a brief overview of how Magento 1 works together with Paazl.

When you install Paazl's Magento 1 extension, functionality will be added to your Magento Admin Panel that allows you to administer Paazl's settings from the panel. You will find Paazl options in the following Magento Admin Panel menus:

  • Sales > Orders: an extra "Paazl-status" column, and additional options in the "Actions" dropdown menu
  • Catalog > Manage Products > Edit: a Paazl screen with Paazl-specific attributes
  • System > Configuration > Shipping Methods: a new section with Paazl-specific parameters
  • System > Permissions > Roles: the ability to add Paazl-specific permissions to Magento 1 roles

The articles in this section explain how to set up the Paazl extension in Magento 1. Articles on how to use the Paazl functionality in Magento 1 are located in the "I'm a user" section of Paazl's online help.

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