Release 20.19

Release 20.19 contains fixes four our web app pages, additional features in our REST API and Checkout Widget and fixes for TNT Express shipping labels.

Functionality What's changed
Checkout Widget and REST API

The Checkout Widget and REST API response now respond as expected by taking an optional startDate into account. When you add a startDate to the REST API call, or to the Checkout Widget initializer, you will now receive delivery dates that actually start from the entered start date.

For more info about using a startDate, please check our REST API Reference or our page about Initializing the Checkout Widget.

Web app
  • We fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove a whitelisted IP address. You can now properly remove those IP addresses if they're no longer needed.
  • We added additional validation to the Push API page.
  • We fixed a bug in which the receiver country was always shown in Dutch. You can now see it in your preferred language, which is either Dutch or English.
  • We improved the design of the Stores page.
Web service We added an additional delivery date calculation feature to our platform. Paazl can now take carrier delivery weekdays into account as well. This makes it possible for you to present delivery dates more accurately for each order.
TNT Express
  • We fixed a multi-collo bug. You can now print shipping labels in multi-collo (multi-shipment).
  • We made it possible to print 4 10x15 shipping labels on an A4 paper sheet.

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