Release 20.13

Release 20.13 contains improvements to the checkout widget, the web app and improvements to the carriers Asendia (Swiss Post), Correos Express and DHL.

Functionality What's changed
Web app
  • You will now see the navigation menu when using IE11.
  • We improved the names of some of the pages.
  • We improved the texts and notifications of the User Management page.
  • We created a new design for the Returns and Shipping Preferences page.
  • You are now able to save the state/province for manually created UPS shipments.
Checkout Widget
  • We made the text of the "Estimated date" and "Exact date" buttons configurable.
  • You will now also see the Asendia/Swiss Post logo in the widget.
Asendia/Swiss Post Users will no longer receive a pickup notification for shipments that are still in transit.
Correos Express You are now able to create domestic shipments for Portugal.
DHL Parcel You are now able to choose to share consignee info (e-mail address and phone number) with DHL for several non-service point shipping options If you would like to do this, please contact Paazl Support.


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