Release 19.50

Release 19.50 contains improvements to the checkout widget, the web app and our generic carrier integration.

Functionality What's changed
Checkout Widget
  • We replaced the use of AM/PM with more widely accepted terms.
  • The arrow and clock icons will now adapt to the style sheet.
  • We now show the message "Use CTR+scroll to zoom the map" in the widget when you attempt to scroll with just the mouse wheel.
Web app
  • You can now add negative values of latitude and longitude in the store edit page.
  • We implemented a new design for the "My account" page.
  • We added a new configuration page for the SOAP API. 
  • We improved the text in the warning pop-up that appears if you make changes to your configuration.
Generic carrier

We now support SFTP connections in our generic carrier integrations.


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