Release 19.41

Release 19.41 contains improvements to DHL, UPS, Extra@Home and to the web app.

Functionality What's changed
DHL Parcel
  • We added unit tests for the DHL Parcel label generator.
  • We removed "helper lines" from 10x21 PDF and ZPL labels.
  • We improved our handling of special characters on labels and in shipment registration files.
Web app
  • You will no longer be redirected to a different page after saving your account settings.
  • We added a webservice timeout notification for UPS.
 DHL eCommerce

 We removed the "save+create label" button for the pickup option, as no label is required.


 We added the preferred date for the pickup part of exchange orders.

 DHL Parcel/eCommerce

 We streamlined the responses of all service point shipping options.


 We added Access Point support for Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland.


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