Using Scan & Print

Scanning and printing in a nutshell

This article explains how to print shipping labels using "Paazl Scan & Print". About Paazl Scan & Print explains the concepts behind the application and its screens.

If you're done configuring "Paazl Scan & Print", you're ready to print shipping labels. The basic procedure is straightforward:

  1. Connect your scanner to the computer that has "Paazl Scan & Print" installed.
  2. Scan a barcode with the order reference you want, followed by a scanning-option code and/or pack-count code if applicable
  3. Click the "Print" bar


You will need a scanner that can act as a keyboard simulator. Some scanners only work with specific drivers and protocols.


Use the Code 128 standard to generate barcodes. Generating Barcodes explains how to do this.


Instead of scanning order references and shipping-option and pack-count codes, you can also type them into the order reference list manually before clicking the "Print" bar.

If your label fails to print, see Label not printing for information on how to troubleshoot printing problems.

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