How Paazl calculates delivery dates

This article explains all the various factors that Paazl takes into account when working out the date a parcel is going to be delivered. It contains a flowchart to show how Paazl puts it all together. When there are different ways of configuring a given setting in several locations, we also tell you which setting has priority.


Paazl only calculates delivery dates for you when you create your own customized shipping option display. If you display shipping options using Paazl's Checkout widget, the delivery dates will be supplied by the carrier concerned (if the carrier offers this service).

Formula variables

Based on the address details entered by your customer, and the time needed to get the product ordered ready for pick-up, Paazl first determines the earliest date the carrier concerned can pick up the shipment. It then adds the expected number of days needed to deliver the order and, once it has a definite delivery date, Paazl determines the time range delivery is expected on that day.

The time needed to get a shipment ready for pick-up depends on:

  • The days of the week your warehouse is open ("Warehouse working day")
  • The latest a customer can place an order on any given working day ("Cut-off time")
  • The time needed for the warehouse to get the product concerned and prepare it for shipment ("Processing days")

The time needed to deliver a shipment depends on:

  • When the carrier concerned can pick up the shipment ("Pick-up day")
  • How long it it will take the carrier to physically transport the shipment ("Delivery days")
  • What days of the week the carrier delivers shipments ("Delivery day")
  • Whether the customer has requested morning, afternoon or evening delivery ("Delivery time range")

All of these variables can be configured in Paazl. They are used to explain the delivery date calculation logic in the flowchart below.


Paazl combines the various factors affecting the delivery date in the series of logical steps outlined in the diagram below. Each step has a number which corresponds to a number in the key at the end of this article. The key entries explain how to configure the delivery date variable concerned.


Flowchart key

The numbers in the table below refer to those used in the flowchart above.

# Explanation
1 These are all settings that a webshop owner configures in the Paazl web app under Warehouse > Delivery Date
2 "Processing days" can be configured in two places:
  • Processing days per product: your webshop configures this in the orderRequest API call.
  • Processing days per shipping option: your webshop's owner configures this in the Paazl web app in Carriers > Delivery Matrix.

    This overrides the orderRequest settings (although it should be the other way round)

3 "Delivery days" can be configured in three places:
  • Deliveries in The Netherlands: the default value is always 1 day
  • Delivery days per shipping option: your webshop's owner configures this in the Paazl web app in Carriers > Delivery Matrix
  • Checkout widget: if a carrier supplies its own delivery date options, the Checkout widget sends an API call to the carrier to retrieve these. The carrier's response overrides any Delivery Matrix settings a webshop owner may have configured
4 "Delivery day" can be configured in two places:
  • Paazl Customer Support currently configures this
  • Special days (such as public holidays) on which a carrier does not deliver: a webshop owner configures this in the Paazl web app in Warehouse > Delivery Date. This overrides the standard settings configured by Paazl Customer Support
5 Paazl Customer Support currently configures the delivery time range

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