Scan & Print: label not printing

There could be several reasons for a label not printing when you're using Paazl Scan & Print. To troubleshoot the cause:

  • Verify that your label printer is working
  • Verify that the connection between your label printer and computer is working
  • Verify that your internet connection is working
  • Verify that the Paazl Scan & Print window is active (in front of all other windows)
  • Check the Paazl Scan & Print status bar at the bottom of the app window for an error message, and then follow the steps indicated in the table below for the error concerned.
Error Code Error Message Solution
1000 No valid hash The combination of webshop-id and integration password doesn't exist.

Configure your Paazl Scan & Print settings to ensure that:

  • Paazl Scan & Print is pointing to to the right environment (Production - OST or Test - Staging)
  • The webshop-id is correct
  • The integration password is correct

Find out what your webshop-id and integration password are by logging into your Paazl account and going to Settings>Account>My account.

1001 Wrong webshop‑ID The webshop-id doesn't exist.

Configure your Paazl Scan & Print settings to ensure that:

  • Paazl Scan & Print is pointing to to the production environment (OST)
  • The webshop-id is correct

Find out what your webshop-id is by logging into your Paazl account and going to Settings>Account>My account.

1002 No order found Paazl Scan & Print can't match the barcode order reference with one in your Paazl account.

There are two possible causes for this error: an incorrect barcode or an unconfirmed order.

First, identify the order reference that failed. Then fix the problem.

  • Incorrect barcode: the barcode was generated with an non-existent order reference, possibly because of a typo. In this case, simply re-generate the barcode with the correct reference and re-scan
  • Unconfirmed order: if an order has not been confirmed, Paazl will not print its label. Before trying to print the label, you either have to wait until your client confirms the order via your webshop, or you have to first commit the order using Paazl's commitOrder API call
1025 This order contains errors The order's address information contains errors.

First, identify the failed order reference. Then either fix the shipping address errors or, if you are absolutely certain the address is correct, disable Paazl's address validation.

 -- java.lang.NullPointerException A Paazl server error has occurred. Contact Paazl Customer Support.

Identify failed order reference

If you have "Auto-print" enabled, identifying the order reference causing problems is fairly straightforward. It is either the only reference in the order reference list, or the top-most one if you have printed several in a row.


If you are in batch mode ("Auto-print" is disabled), identifying the problematic order reference involves more work. Because Paazl Scan & Print can't tell you which reference is holding up the job, you first have to delete all existing order references from the order list using "Backspace" or "Delete". Then, with "Auto-print" enabled, individually scan and print the labels until you find the one causing the problem.

Fix shipping address errors

For Dutch addresses, Paazl uses the postal code and house number to verify that the delivery address is correct. In the Paazl web app, this prevents you from manually creating orders with faulty addresses. However, an order with a faulty address can be created by mistake when using Paazl's commitOrder API call.

For this reason, Paazl Scan & Print double-checks addresses before printing a label. If it discovers anything wrong, it won't print the label concerned. You will have to correct the address information in your Paazl account before resuming printing.

Error message 1025 tells you everything that's wrong with the address information that caused printing to fail. Clicking "Open order" will take you to the Paazl web app. Once you have logged in, it will take you straight to the details of the order concerned so you can fix them. Don't forget to save your changes once you're done!


Disable address validation

If you are absolutely sure an address is correct even though it doesn't get through Paazl's address validation, you can disable validation for the order concerned. Do this by logging into your Paazl account and following the steps below:






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