Why isn't the shipping option in my checkout?

You manage your shipping option display settings in the "Delivery Matrix" configuration screen (Carriers > Delivery Matrix).

The two most common reasons for a delivery option not appearing in your checkout are:

  • You haven't activated the shipping option concerned
  • You haven't set a rate for the shipping option concerned in the in the relevant delivery matrix


If the shipping option you want doesn't appear in the "Delivery Matrix" configuration screen, contact Paazl Customer Support.

Solution 1: Activate missing shipping option

The first thing you need to do is to verify that the shipping option concerned has been activated. A checked checkbox means the option is active.



The checkbox next to a shipping option activates the option for all countries and postal code sets. This means that if you check an option on one "Delivery Matrix" page (say for the Netherlands) and then un-check it on another "Delivery Matrix" page (say for Germany), it will become un-checked on the Netherlands page too.

Solution 2. Set shipping rate for location

In addition to activating a shipping option for all countries and postal code sets, you also need to tell Paazl that you want to display it for a particular country or postal code set. You do this by filling in a shipping rate for that option on the "Delivery Matrix" page of the country or postal code set concerned.

In the figure below, we want the "PostNL Standard" shipping option to be displayed for Dutch destinations.


To change the shipping option that is displayed for another country, simply go to that country's "Delivery Matrix" page, remove the rate from the shipping option you don't want, and add a rate to the shipping option you do want.

In the figure below, we want the "DHL Paket" shipping option to be displayed for German destinations.


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