WMS overview

This article provides an overview of the steps required when integrating Paazl's SOAP API with a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

SOAP API reference provides detailed information the various calls listed below.

  1. The order process always starts when your WMS sends an order request to Paazl. This creates a temporary order in the Paazl database. The order request can include the dimensions (length×width×height), weight, content description, HS Tariff code, and price of the product concerned
  2. If your customer changes the products in his/her basket, you have to send Paazl an order update because the available shipping options may have changed too.
  3. Your WMS tells Paazl to commit the order—including a specific shipping option and customer address—to the Paazl database


If your customer selects a pick-up location, certain commitOrderRequest elements change:

  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > identifier
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointAccountNumber
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointNotificationEmail
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointNotificationMobile
  1. If your customer's address details or the shipping option change, your WMS tells Paazl to change the order
  2. Your WMS requests the label for the shipping order; Paazl returns a PDF label in Base64 code
  3. If so desired, your WMS can request the order's status from Paazl
  4. If so desired, your WMS can get all the order status changes that have occurred since a given point in time
  5. If you want Paazl to pro-actively send you real-time order-status changes, ask Paazl Customer Support to activate the Push API for your WMS

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