Webshop & Paazl Perfect overview

This article provides an overview of the steps required when integrating Paazl's SOAP API with a webshop making use of Paazl Perfect.

SOAP API reference provides detailed information the various calls listed below.

  1. The order process always starts when your WMS sends an order request to Paazl. This creates a temporary order in the Paazl database. The order request can include the dimensions (length×width×height), weight, content description, HS Tariff code, and price of the product concerned
  2. If your customer changes the products in his/her basket, you have to send Paazl an order update because the available shipping options may have changed too.
  3. Your webshop sends a shipping option request to Paazl as soon as customers enter their country and postal code. Paazl returns all the options available for the order concerned
  4. If customers want a different shipping option, they click the button or link concerned (depending on how your webshop has implemented this functionality), and Paazl displays the available shipping options. The steps are as follows:
    1. Your webshop sends a checkout request to Paazl as soon as the button or link is clicked
    2. Paazl returns a URL for the Paazl Perfect module
    3. Your customer selects a shipping option and confirms his/her selection. After your customer exits Paazl Perfect, it saves the selected option
    4. Your webshop asks Paazl for the selected shipping option
    5. Paazl returns the selected shipping option, which your webshop has to save


If your customer selects a pick-up location, certain commitOrderRequest elements change:

  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > identifier
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointAccountNumber
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointNotificationEmail
  • commitOrder > shippingMethod > servicepointNotificationMobile

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