Why can't my customers select Monday delivery?

Depending on how you have configured Paazl, it may not be possible for your clients, at checkout, to select Monday for delivery because it is grayed out.

The reason for this is that most carriers try to deliver next day in order to save on their own warehousing costs. So, for example, if your client orders something on a Friday, the carrier will deliver it on the Saturday. Because the majority of warehouses are closed over the weekend, Monday delivery is impossible, which is why Paazl grays it out. 

One or both of the following sets of conditions has or have to be true for Monday delivery to be possible:

  • Your shipping option delivers on Mondays, your warehouse is open on Saturdays, and your carrier picks up parcels on Saturdays but doesn't deliver them on Sundays
  • Your shipping option delivers on Mondays, your warehouse is open on Sundays, and your carrier picks them up on Sundays

Step 1: Configure Monday delivery for shipping options

If you have reached agreements with your carrier regarding Monday delivery using a particular shipping option, contact Paazl's Customer Support Desk to have them configure this for you

Step 2: Configure weekend warehouse opening and carrier pick-up

To tell Paazl that your warehouse is open in the weekend and that parcels will be picked up then, log in to your Paazl account and follow the steps below:





See About delivery dates for more detail on how to configure delivery dates in Paazl.

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