Configuring Postal Code Sets

This article explains step by step how to use the Paazl Postal Code set functionality. The Postal code set functionality allows you to create postal code configurations per country, either by setting ranges manually, or uploading individual postal codes at once.


Where to find your Postal Code Sets





The Postal Code Set Page

Upon opening the postal code set page, you will see all available sets. If no sets have been created yet the page only shows the button to create new postal code sets.


The next steps will illustrate step by step how to create your very first postal code set.



Adding Postal codes from an external file




Adding Postal code ranges

Next to adding individual postal codes, ranges can also be set up. The example below will affect any postal code that is between 1020 and 1050ZZ. E.g. In this configuration 1030 AS will be affected, 1055 ZZ will not be affected.



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