Shipping Comparison


1. New Chart – Shipments Over Time Stacked By Sub Accounts

Offers a volume comparison between different sub-accounts(webshops) of your company over the years, quarters, months, weeks, and days.

Here you can easily track the monthly contribution percentage of different sub-accounts and the total volumes of all accounts as well.


2. New Chart – Shipments Per Sub Account Over Time

Offers a breakdown of volume per sub-account(webshop) over years, quarters, months, weeks, and days.

Here you can clearly see the volume ranking of all sub-accounts, as well as the volume of individual sub-accounts over time.



New Feature(s) here! ICON


We've added an icon to the left side of the main menu called the “New Feature(s) here!”, which allows you to view the latest additions to this dashboard so you don't miss out on the latest added insights or features! :) 



You can check the details and the locations of the new features by simply hovering over the "New Feature(s) here!" text.



To find more details and other released new features, you can click the text on the bottom to go to the Data Dashboards releases page.









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